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Cost: 300rmb per day, 1,800rmb per month for unlimited hot seat access, and 3,000rmb for a private office.Sandbox3 is a large, ultra modern-looking, coworking space that offers a communal office that's entirely free to use. On your first visit, they require you to sign up with your personal ID and download their app.Atmosphere: The shared area, which has about 30 seats, is bustling with meetings, interviews, and people working outside their offices while drinking some coffee.Many small companies are currently occupying office space from industries like cosmetics, engineering, and software development.Six years after launching, We Work opened their first location in Shanghai.

Service: Agora Space's service is probably the best on this list.

Cost: Access to the shared cafe area is free if you drop in occasionally. Service: They only have a single staff person at the front desk, but that seems to be enough here.

If you need daily, 24/7 office use, you can get a dedicated desk from 1880rmb/month. Atmosphere: The place is mostly empty, but they say they've got people moving in soon.

We checked out one of their central locations on Yongjia Lu. Amenities: Printing is only available to those with a monthly membership and costs two mao per page. Cost: They don't technically offer single day passes, but you can call their sales line and negotiate for one at a location that has seats available.

It's a six story townhouse that used to be occupied by Lohaus, another coworking space that closed last year. The price shouldn't be more than 100rmb depending on the location.

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